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Enjoying Summertime Activities with Back Pain and Physical Limitations

Anytime you are dealing with a back injury or chronic back issue, enjoying some of your favorite summertime activities may seem like a challenge. It is important that you understand your condition and what your limitations are. Preparing with physical therapy is a good place to start. Gainesville back pain specialists help teach you the right way to bend, how far to walk and how to protect your back while away from home. Even with a back injury or chronic back issue, you can still have fun and enjoy the summer weather swimming, boating and hiking. For many back injuries and chronic problems, swimming and water activities are great for relaxing sore muscles and helping generalized back pain.

Schedule Treatment the Day Before

It is a good idea to schedule physical therapy the day before an outing. This helps loosen the muscles in your back so that you are able to do a little more and enjoy time with friends and/or family. Physical therapists may perform a more intense treatment in order to prepare your body for increased physical activity, which is in an effort to prevent additional injuries to your back.

Ask about Away from Home Exercises

Discuss exercises with your physical therapist that can be performed while away from home. When you're feeling a little pain or your back pain increases while being active, these exercises can help relieve pressure and reduce your pain allowing you to continue participating in activities.

The summertime weather in Virginia is beautiful and managing your back pain properly can help you take part in attending fairs, festivals and summer concerts. Even a visit to a theme park may be possible with the help of physical therapy Manassas VA professionals.

Know your Physical Limits

With regular treatment and daily activities, you learn your limits quickly. It is important, however, to also know your limits when partaking in extra-curricular activities. Doing too much can cause further injury to your back.

While it is good to test your limits, you must do so in a safe manner to prevent additional injuries to your back. In some cases, walking too much can aggravate lower back issues including sciatica, disc degeneration and other lumbar issues. A treadmill test may be performed to see what your walking limitations are before you feel strain or pain.

Whether you are a resident or visitor of Gainesville, physical therapy is available so that you can partake in summertime activities and not be cooped up watching everyone else have fun. Dynamics Physical Therapy centers have specialists that work with all types of back injuries and understand that each body is different and heals at a different pace. It is the physical therapist's job to construct a treatment plan that will help strengthen your back, help you gain range of motion and increase your mobility while decreasing your pain.

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