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 Do I need a prescription from my Doctor before I can begin Physical Therapy?

No. The state of Virginia has a Direct Access program where you can see a Physical Therapist for up to 30 consecutive days without a prescription from your doctor.

For more information on Direct Access please visit:

The Virginia Physical Theapy Association

However, some insurance plans do still require a referral from your primary care doctor.

We can check your benefits for you!


 My doctor gave me a prescription for a different facility. Can I still come to your office for my treatment?

Yes. When selecting your physical therapist  you always have a choice.

 Dynamics Physical Therapy is In-Network with most major insurances across the country and can work with patients in our network.

For a list of insurances, visit our insurance page.


Will I work with the same Doctor at each therapy session?

Yes! Individualized, progressive physical therapy is Dynamics’ approach to successful rehabilitation This 1:1 treatment and particular attention to each of our patients ensures they will recover as quickly as possible


 How long will my appointments be?

The initial evaluation averages to be an hour long so our Doctor can thoroughly review and discuss your information with you. Follow up appointments are dependent on your individualized plan of care, but they are generally between 45 minutes to an hour in duration.


 What should I wear for my appointments?

Please dress comfortably. Depending on your individualized plan of care, patients may need to participate in physical activity and/or exercises during treatment. Comfortable work-out shoes and attire is recommended.


 Do you handle Workers Compensation cases?

Yes. We work with most workers compensation companies. However, do not hesitate to call our office with any questions regarding your case.


 What if I do not have Insurance to cover my visit?

We have self-pay options available for individuals without insurance.

Contact our office for further information.


 I work 9-5 and find it hard to schedule physical therapy appointments outside of my work hours. Do you have times available that can fit into my schedule?

Yes. All of our locations either have early morning or evening appointments available.

Office hours are available on our contact page


Are there things I can work on at home to help in my recovery?

Absolutely! Our therapists will customize a home exercise program for you to continue rehabilitation in between visits. It is important the patient follows the instructions from the therapist to help manage symptoms and recovery.

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