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  • Do I need a prescription/referral from my Doctor before I can begin physical therapy?

No. The state of Virginia has a Direct Access program where you can see a Physical Therapist without a prescription from your doctor.

For more information on the Virginia Direct Access guidelines, please click here.

* Please note that some insurance plans still require a referral from your healthcare provider. If you aren’t sure, give us a call and we can check your benefits for you.

  • What can I expect at my first visit?

This article details what you should bring to your first visit, as well as what you can expect during the appointment. Please don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any further questions or concerns!

  • I have a prescription but it’s for a different facility. Can I still come to your office for my treatment?

Absolutely. When selecting your physical therapist, you always have a choice. Dynamics Physical Therapy is in-network with most major insurance companies. Visit our insurance page to see all in-network insurance carriers.

  • Do you handle Workers Compensation cases?

Yes! We work with most workers compensation companies. However, don’t hesitate to call or email us if you want to confirm that we’ll accept your workers compensation insurance. 

  • I was in an auto accident and my therapy will be covered through auto insurance. Do you accept auto insurance?

Yes, as long as it is processing through an auto insurance carrier and you can provide us with the claim information. 

  • What should I wear for my appointments?

Please dress comfortably. Depending on your specific plan of care, you may need to participate in physical activity and/or exercises during treatment. Athletic attire is recommended.

  • How long will my appointments be?

The initial evaluation is an hour long. Follow up appointments are dependent upon your individualized plan of care, but they average between 45 minutes and an hour in duration.

  • What if I don’t have insurance or just want to pay out of pocket?

Not a problem. We have a self-pay option available. Just give us a call or send us an email for pricing.

  • Will I work with the same Doctor at each therapy session?

Yes! Individualized, progressive physical therapy is Dynamics’ approach to successful rehabilitation. This 1:1 treatment paired with particular attention to each of our patients needs ensures as quick a recovery as possible.

  • Are there things I can work on at home to help in my recovery?

Absolutely! Our therapists will customize a home exercise program for you to continue rehabilitation in between visits. It is important that patients follow the instructions from the therapist to help manage symptoms and recovery.

  • Can I attend visits at multiple locations?

Of course. We are happy to book you appointments at whatever location is convenient for you.

  • How long should I expect to be in therapy?

This will be dependent upon your injury or condition.

  • What will happen once I’m finished with therapy?

Once you’ve finished therapy, the Physical Therapist will develop an at-home regime for you to follow independently.   

  • Are any of your therapists licensed to dry needle?

Each of our 3 locations has a Physical Therapist that can perform dry needling. If you aren’t familiar with dry needling, click here to read more about the practice courtesy of an educational research paper by the American Physical Therapy Association.

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