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Dr. Joanne Balint, DPT

Dr. Joanne Balint specializes in treating patients who need post-concussion rehabilitation and vestibular therapy (vertigo, dizziness and balance disorders).   She has been treating vestibular and concussion patients exclusively since she earned her certificate in Vestibular Competency in 2011 from the American Physical Therapy Association/Emory University.

Dr Balint earned her master’s degree in physical therapy (MPT) from Marymount University in 2002 and received her physical therapy doctorate (DPT) from Shenandoah University in 2007. 

Dr. Balint has successfully treated a broad spectrum of patients, from the very young to the elderly.  

In addition to her physical therapy degrees, Dr. Balint holds a master’s degree in science education.  She has taught at both the undergraduate and graduate levels for over 20 years, including training others in her profession.  She has served as a guest lecturer at Marymount University for vestibular and concussion rehabilitation since 2013 and she has taught Pathological Conditions at Northern Virginia Community College since 2011.  Dr Balint was brought in to educate the vestibular team of therapists at Sibley Hospital in 2019.

Joanne Balint was featured in the December 2014 edition of Your Health Magazine.

You can read Dr. Balint's article on Concussions and Vestibular rehabilitation, Here.

 Dr. Balint works in our Gainesville Heritage Village Plaza location on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


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"Joanne Balint is an exceptional therapist. I worked with her on vestibular therapy. She was able to restore my balance with exercises during PT and printouts to to take home. She networked with other professionals in my recovery from a concussion."

"Dr. Balint is very knowledgable and she related well with my daughter. She took the time to explain things on her level and I appreciated her kindness and patience."

"I could not have been taken care of any better. I was actually sorry when I "graduated." Dr. Balint was informative, caring, and professional- yet friendly. She made me want to do my at home exercises to always please her for her care. My graddaughter is now a patient."

"This is the best Physical therapist I have ever seen. Unlike most in the medical field, she sees the person, not a number. I had excellent results and uncovered solutions that were unknown until my sessions. I highly recommend this Doctor, not just for PT but as a person."



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